The Fixed Models

The FX700 is a compact board at only 700mm wide and 400mm deep. Weighing only 7kgs

Fixed Model Baitboards

The Twin Pole Models

The TP600 compact at only 600mm wide and 400mm deep. The TP600 is a fully removable baitboard and designed to drop into two standard rod holders.

Twin Pole Model Baitboards

The Single Pole Models

The SP500 is compact at only 500mm wide and 400mm deep. Ideal for Quintrex or Stacer boats with a ski pole recess.

Single Pole Models

The Tinnie Mini Models

The Tinnie Mini is designed to drop into either a vertical rod holder or grab rail mounting bracket. The Tinnie Mini single pole is surprisingly compact at only 350mm wide and 300mm deep, but still large enough for your fishing requirement on small tinnies.

Tinnie Mini Models

Tinnie Mini Deluxe

The Tinnie Mini Deluxe is a compact board at only 350mm wide and 350mm deep. Designed to drop into a rod holder.

Tinnie Mini Deluxe